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Vesa Purokuru: Veitsenterällä

©Eemeli Nättinen

This contemporary circus monologue is an autobiographical account covering the journey taken by a village school teacher as he goes on to build a career as an organisational consultant for major businesses before becoming a crippled circus artist. Narrative-driven, improvised contemporary circus tale is told through clownery, acrobatics, physical theatre and dance.

The production turns its wondering and benevolent gaze to observe the main protagonist’s passionate journey as he makes his way towards his dream, which grows ever more distant with time. The dreams, which crystallise as they continue to elude him, bring the protagonist to a confrontation with themes such as faith, resilience, doubt, failure and ageing.

Vesa Purokuru is 54 years old. At his age, most circus artists are already enjoying their retirement. He has no choice but to concede that he cannot compete with younger performers on strength, speed or technical prowess. Instead, he looks for his artistic strenghts elsewhere – in his life experience, his knack for storytelling and his multi-layered sense of presence. Purokuru is also forced to investigate the boundary between a serious hobby and a professional pursuit, asking where the boundaries of contemporary circus lie.

Premiere at Juomatehdas, Jyväskylä Kesä Festival, 12 July 2016

Language: Finnish

  • Written by, Directed by and Performed by: Vesa Purokuru
  • Light Design: Arto Saarelainen
  • Sound Design and Sound Consultation: Eemeli Nättinen
  • Mentors: Lotta Roukala, Reija Tapaninen, Helena Ratinen

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