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October 2018
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Cirko Festival

Humaneesi: Club Circolombia

Ⓒ Roberto Ricciuti

At Cirko Festival every day ends with Humaneesi – a free klub at Cirko's own Maneesi hall. Humaneesi is a visually strong environment which atmosphere is created by five unique club nights varying from DJ sets to tight wire dancing and from aerial acrobatics to techno.

In addition to staging one of the biggest shows of the Cirko Festival at the Finnish National Theatre,
Circolombia will throw a Columbian street party at Humaneesi. Before they put on their dazzling show
Acéléré on the weekend, the Latin gang will warm up the audience at the club, where acrobatic skills are
accompanied by hot rhythms. Circolombia will definitely get the circus party started under Cirko’s own

Doors: 19:00

Showtime 20:30

  • Creative and Artistic Director : Felicity Simpson
  • Performers: Cristian David TRIVINO RINCON, Laura Lucia LLOREDA MARTINEZ, Julia SANCHEZ AJA, Diana Patricia VARGAS MONTOYA, Juliana Valentina TORO VELASQUEZ, Juan Manuel NAVARRO RUBIANO, Francisco HURTADO HURTADO, Sandra IBANEZ RAMIREZ, Cesar Steve IZQUIERDO ACEVEDO, Jarrinson CUERO MARTINEZ, Juan David CAMPO TERAN, Laura Patricia TENORIO CUAN, Wilmer Andres MARTINEZ
  • Rigging and Artist: Diego Rene SANCHEZ BARRERA
  • Company Manager: Ketsia Joseph Monrose
  • Lights and Technical manager: James Loudon
  • Mastermind in the shadows: Francois Bertron
  • Rigging: Ivan Arjona

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